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Wells Gray Park


The Clearwater River was named by the Overlanders Party of 1862 who were among the first white people to see it. The park itself was established on November 28, 1939, and named for the Honourable Arthur Wellesley Gray, Minister of Lands for British Columbia from 1933 to 1944.


Extinct volcanoes, lava beds, mineral springs and glaciers are just a few of the wondrous natural attractions at the park. Spectacular waterfalls also exist, including the famous Helmcken, Dawson and Spahats Falls.


Wells Gray Park is home to a wide variety of wildlife, including black and grizzly bear, wolf, cougar, lynx, bobcat, wolverine, moose, deer, mountain goat, caribou, plus a host of smaller mammals such as fisher, marten, mink, weasel and squirrel. The bird checklist notes 219 species.

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